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Vanite World

Vanite World
is a B2B & B2C beauty portal

A little vanity is good for health.
You need to be vain to be healthy.
Join us for various talks, workshop & activities.

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Making life beautiful


March 30th - April 2nd

(Subject to Covid-19 situation in Singapore)

Singapore Suntec City Convention Centre

Hall 403

Fully Vaccinated Event • Free Admission • Pre-registration required


A 4-day curated international beauty, cosmetic,

lifestyle & wellness trade festival 

Featuring exclusive products launches, exhilarating

insta-worthy playgrounds & experiential experiences.

Featuring Brands & Exhibitors from

Japan • China • Korea • Malaysia • Indonesia • Myanmar • Vietnam

Thailand • Hong Kong • Taiwan • Singapore

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The Fiesta

Altruist Sunscreen Singapore
Altruist Sunscreen Singapore

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Seegreen Singapore
Seegreen Singapore

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Altruist Sunscreen Singapore
Altruist Sunscreen Singapore

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Vanite World

International Women's Month 2023

Inconjunction with 

International Women's Day 2023

Vanite World will be supporting it with a whole month of exciting events all the way till the Vanite World Fiesta itself. Starting from 4th March till 2nd April 2023.

2023 campaign theme: #EmbraceEquity.

Equity isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have.

A focus on gender equity needs to be part of every society's DNA.

Give equity a huge embrace

  • Mental Wellness

  • Self Love & Friendship


  • Women’s empowerment 

    Promotes self-worth and a right to influence change.

  • Our Health is Our Wealth 

       It's never too late to focus on our wellbeing


  • Coffee-Chat With Women With Passion

       Always incredibly powerful with sharing the journey of women.

  • So, what is menopause?

       Menopause is a big issue. Yet do you really understand it?

  • Got a passion project of your own?

       Share your female-focused passion project with us

       so we can celebrate it and promote it to the world.


Cancer Prevention
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Events Hall

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Show Attractions

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 Golden Brush Award 

March 2023

Supported by

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Beautiful Smile

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Insurance Consultation
Revewing Graphs

 Get a Free
Financial Health Diagnosis 

Healthy Financial
Happy & Beautiful You

 Is Your   Financial  Really 



Stressful lifestyle?

Sleep Disorders?

Vonce Hui
Vonce Hui

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Vonce Hui
Vonce Hui

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Cosmetic & Beauty Care 

Paramedical Cosmetics 


Lash & Brows

Hair Styling & Haircare

Nailcare, Manicure & Pedicure 


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Long Lashes
Body Measurements_edited_edited_edited_e

Laser & Artificial Tanning

Aesthetics Clinic 

Orthodontic Services

Weight Management

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Hot Stone Massage_edited_edited_edited_e

Health & Fitness

Mental Well-being

Massage & Well-being

Nutrition & Supplements

Mass Workout Sessions

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Image Styling & Etiquette



Makeover & Styling 

Photo-shoot  & Red Carpet

Casting Call & Audition

Fashion Model on Stairs
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Schools & Training Institutes for beauty, hair, make-up & nails

Freelancer Network 

The Artist Market

Discover the art of makeup & hair artistry.

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Exclusive Hotel Room Promos

For Vanité World 2023 vendors & visitors

Promotion period: details to be posted soon​.

PATHz Pte Ltd

Website: www.Pathz.Asia
Address: 1 TAMPINES NORTH DRIVE 1, T-SPACE, #06-08

               SINGAPORE 528559

Event Sales

Email: VW@MediaFarm.Asia